Hi! I’m an Assistant Professor of Engineering Design in SEDTAPP at Penn State, and one of two directors of the Technology and Human Research in Engineering Design (THRED) Group. I also have the pleasure of holding courtesy appointments in the mechanical engineering and industrial engineering departments, and I serve as an affiliate faculty of the Institute for Computational and Data Sciences and the Stuckeman Center for Design Computing. I received my graduate degrees in mechanical engineering from Carnegie Mellon (PhD ‘16, MS ‘14), and a dual undergraduate degree in civil and mechanical engineering from Fresno State (BS ‘12).

Through my research I empower high-performance teams through human-centered computing, a people-focused approach to the development of computational tools. Engineering and design are host to a variety of challenging problems that can benefit from computation and automation. There also exists substantial potential for integrating human and computational elements in hybrid teams that leverage that strengths of each to achieve superior performance. However, best practices for achieving this integration are sparse, and our understanding of hybrid teams evolves as new insights about teamwork and intelligent systems emerge. My research is comprised of three interrelated areas:

  1. simulations to better understand individuals, teams, and organiziation;
  2. using machine learning to create intelligent computational tools that augment the abilities of designers;
  3. and merging insights from the first two areas to develop the next-generation of hybrid human-machine teams.